Sensory Pleasure of Interiority: Finding Transdisciplinary Research Language for Complex Indoor Environment Quality

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    Pearce, Linda
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


While indoor environment quality (IEQ) measurement is an established process, it omits the
sensory pleasure of interior environments, possibly due to perceived subjectivity in the context of
objective productivity. Given the significant commercial interior renovation industry, the developing
evidence linking sensory pleasure to thermal comfort, the known complexity of indoor habitation, and
the growth of large data set analysis, there exists an opportunity to expand the scope of IEQ appraisal.
Drawing on the interior architecture discipline and its holistic ‘interiority’, this speculative paper presents
a high‐level content analysis of selected texts and identifies candidate sensory quality variables for future
use in environment quality measurement. The intention of this process is to translate across the interior
architecture and architectural science disciplines by quantising interior architecture perspectives into
measurable variables. These broader candidate variables would likely be more inclusive of the lived
experience and agency of occupants of interior spaces and offers extended complex indoor environment
quality data collection for future use in advanced statistics.


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