Semi-passive Architecture Facade Design

  • YEAR
    Hsu, Pei-Hsien
    Tung, Hong Cing
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction, Building Materials & Integrated Technology


“Making architecture smart” is a key issue for contemporary architecture. Previous research in this direction has been mostly focused on the improvement of control systems insides buildings by making them more intelligent. This research, however, takes a different approach. Rather than focusing on the control systems, this research seeks a breakthrough in the designing of building elements. It proposes a design of architectural façade which incorporates a kinetic mechanism based on smart materials. Through the capability of smart materials in sensing and reaction, a prototype of building façade which has the ability to change dynamically is developed to respond to the changing natural environment and to furthermore affect the performance of architecture and conditions of the built environments (e.g. ventilation, shading and lighting). The proposed design also incorporates an electronic-device-based mechanism and, along with the smart material component, jointly forms a dual actuation system, which aims to equip the façade system with the ability to respond to the environment without consuming power for the majority of time while maintaining the ability to react instantly if required.

Keywords: Kinetic building façade; smart façade; double skin façade; smart materials


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