Revisiting Prefabricated Building Systems for the Future

  • YEAR
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Moreschini, Luca
    2007 Conference Papers


Abstract: Prefabricated building systems are becoming popular again, promising more than just
affordable architecture. The new paradigm offers consistency, predictable environmental control,
modular flexibility, and quick assembly. Above all, this type of construction may be the only promise in
obtaining a sustainable architecture for our future. The language of prefabricated building is not new
and offers varied solutions ranging from a ‘kit-of-parts’ to fully assembled modules.

This paper attempts to diagnose and evaluate prefabricated modular building systems. It aims to
categorise various modular systems and to observe their attributes regarding materials, flexibility,
structural integrity, delivery and constructability. Finally, the paper suggests that pre-fabricated
architecture can deliver high order design and diversity within the framework of waste reduction,
renewable systems integration and optimal performance.


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