Review of Holistic Research on NetZero Energy Homes: Energy Simulation, Energy Monitoring, and Performance Improvement

  • YEAR
    Li, Hong Xian
    Hosseini, M. Reza
    Zhang, Peng
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Mills, Anthony
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Building and Energy
    Conference Papers


A NetZero Energy Home (NZEH) is designed, modelled, and constructed to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis, with the required energy generated from renewable energy resources. This paper reviews holistic research on NZEHs from the perspectives of energy simulation, energy monitoring, actual energy performance, and operation/design improvement. HOT2000, developed by Natural Resources Canada, is utilised as the tool to simulate the energy performance of NZEHs. Using multiple NZEHs as the case projects, sensor-based monitoring systems are developed to evaluate the actual energy performance of NZEHs, and the results are used to analyse the discrepancy among different NZEHs and to compare with the simulated results. Based on comprehensive analysis and comparison, operation and design strategies are proposed to improve the performance of NZEHs.


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