Review of Campus Sustainability Rating Systems for Indian Campuses

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    Parvez, Nikhat
    Agrawal, Avlokita
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Cities and Outdoor Environments
    Conference Papers


Sustainable campus development is becoming universal with an increase in the number of campuses demonstrating leadership on pursuing sustainability. Even though there are various international campus sustainability rating and ranking systems but they are not completely utilized in India. The purpose of this study is to analyse and compare eight of these rating systems and prepare a comprehensive list of sustainability parameters and their indicators. Further, check the presence of these Indicators in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR), India campus to lay the foundation of the problems faced by the Indian institutions while rating their campuses. Also, an attempt to rate the IITR campus has been made to identify the obstacles faced by Indian institutions for rating their campuses. Parameters of sustainable development are approximately same in all the campus sustainability rating /ranking systems. Indian institutions lack a measuring and monitoring system due to which they are unable to rate their campuses, leading to a situation where the institutions are unaware of the extent of sustainable development achieved on their campuses. This obstructs the comprehensive sustainable development of the campuses. This paper identifies a need to study sustainable campus development for higher education campuses in India.


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