Research on Cyber-Physics Interface System Applied to Digital Fabrication Practice

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    Hsiao, Chi-Fu
    Chang, Tengwen
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital architecture


Abstract: Contemporary computer numerical controller helps manufacture industrial with its repetitive
workflow. However, there are always unstable factors in the construction process. This paper focus on
the human-machine synergy technology for high-precision robotic arms, and develop the method of
calibrating influence of structural mechanics instantly. With applying the 2-dimensional remapping
technology into 3-dimension module construction, we develop a new possibility of process, which
cyclically workflows design thinking and construction services that are then tested, iterated, and refined. Our study separates into 2 parts: The first part is to develop a mechanism of human-machine synergy, including the interactive feedback mechanism of the controller, VR, or uses the GUI interface to guide the designer to effectively control the structural growth. And the second part is using Styrofoam as the main material. With its characteristics of machining rapidly, modified and reuse in light weight, we are thinking about how to find out a new process of working, shape, stake out collaboratively with two
robotic arms together simultaneously. This paper proposes the possibility and flexibility of robotic arms
system would remain when human intervention exists in the process of a full automation workflow.

Keywords: Human-Machine Synergy, Digital Fabrication, Cyber-Physics Interface, Remapping, Robotic
Arms, Multi-Move.


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