Reflections on a student research-led design project involving children, climate change and landscape architecture

  • YEAR
    Shannon, Susan J.
    Cha, Lucia Jiye
    2012 Conference Papers
    Urban and landscape studies


This paper is centred on knowledge building within research and design as a layered and collaborative approach. It develops a small case study of the learning journey of an undergraduate landscape architecture student and her supervisor through a research project that itself is about a process of collaborative learning through design with children (co-design). In turn the design project developed a concept for a hypothetical educational park focused on positive learning about climate change management within communities. The paper reflects on the project as an exploration of the education and environmental stewardship responsibilities of the practice of landscape architecture as centred on community outreach, especially children. The focus of the project was on design as a participatory and iterative process that engages people positively in understanding climate change and how it will change the way they live. Combined with a discussion of the supervisory process the paper provides an excellent example of knowledge building for all participants, which is grounded in theory and centred on practice.


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