Recognition of the architecture of Safavid caravanserais from the view of passive defense

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    Tabassi, Mohsen
    Azghandi, Hasan Naseri
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice Based & Interdisciplinary Design & Research


A study of Safavid history shows that security is a factor in the emergence of political authority and directly affects trade and the economy. The concept of defense can be defined in two ways: active defense and passive defense. Although the same goals are seen in both types, the methods used in passive defense are very different. The purpose of this study is to study the caravanserais of the Safavid period from the perspective of passive defense. The research method is a comparative description. 43 Safavid caravanserais are classified into four groups and the principles of passive defense are examined in them. The results show that the relationship between active defense factors or passive defense in caravanserais has varied, depending on the geographical location, the importance of the routes, and the architectural form of the caravanserais.

Keywords: Architecture; caravanserai; passive defense; Iran.


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