Reclaiming Heritage by Retelling ‘The Thing’ in Virtual Reality: Decoding Walled City of Lahore

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    Abid, Mehwish
    Aydin, Serdar
    Schnabel, Marc Aurel
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


The focus of this work is on representing the surrounding of Masjid Wazir Khan in Lahore. It is
explored how the computational tools and translations can promote a participatory process to build up a digital archive. The concern for abandoned spaces in heritage sites is examined by observing user
interaction with heritage displays through different media. The paper presents two stages of a digital heritage work. Providing the details of an exhibition, the initial stage informs the reader about the background of the project. Explaining the necessity of the shift from analog interaction tested in the exhibition to the digital, the paper elaborates on the deployed workflow. Primarily, the front fa├žade of Masjid Wazir Khan and the square at its entrance are visually surveyed by photography. Secondly, the photographic survey is used to build a 3D virtual model of the site by using a photogrammetry 3D modelling software. Thirdly, the 3D model is imported into an immersive virtual reality system through which users are teleported to the site in Lahore. The paper demonstrates the qualitative findings of the deployed digital workflow that links the heritage context to distant users, providing technical details of the deployed modelling process.


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