• YEAR
    Matthews, Les
    Bailey, Aaron
    2001 Conference Papers


One of the greatest delights for practicing Architects is to see their own creations
come to life – either in reality, or (more often) on the office computer screen. We
love it. We like nothing better than to admire our handiwork amidst the latest
computer generated images (CGI’s). As a medium for expressing design ideas,
CGI’s touch on the essence of Architecture, the original ideas which are the
intellectual property distinguishing one Architect from another.

The good news is that clients and the general public seem to enjoy these images
almost as much as Architects do. Indeed, the images serve so many useful
purposes, that they have become commonplace – if not essential – in mainstream
architectural practice.

This paper illustrates the ways in which CGI’s have been employed for several
real life architectural projects undertaken by Meritec’s Hamilton office during the
past year. A series of static, photo-realistic rendered images demonstrate
solutions to typical design problems – from massing of elements through to
surface articulation.

More importantly, CGI’s help to demonstrate a shift in focus from the business of
commodity architecture to the business of ideas. This shift is fuelled by the digital
tools which not only empower practicing Architects with a ready means of
credible expression, but


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