Re-learning for sustainability – An experience toward reformulating architectural education

  • YEAR
    Díaz, Graciela Martínez
    Picción, Alicia
    Chabalgoity, Manuel
    Gómez, M. Julia
    Sierra, Pablo
    Pedemonte, Graciela
    Detomasi, Sumila
    Articardi, Juan
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: Despite environmental concerns are on the rise in many sectors of the profession,
architectural education and practices are too often devoted to fashionable design and expensive
technologies that ignore the deep physical and social roots of architecture. The third world South
American country Uruguay is no exception, but its national university’s Faculty of Architecture has a
tradition and history that makes it well-suited to confront the new challenges posed by contemporary
socio-environmental conditions. In 1999 we established a Permanent Environmental Commission,
whose aim is to introduce an associated change of perspective within the faculty. The approach we
take addresses social, environmental and epistemological issues as a holistic unit in a societal quest
for sustainability. Over the past two years, an education experience we tried with students have yielded
amazing results. The next step is to institutionalize and insure the dissemination of this enterprise.


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