Rating Existing Homes in Malaysia against the Code for Sustainable Homes (UK)

  • YEAR
    Ismail, Muhammad Azzam
    Prasad, Deo
    Rashid, Fahanim Abdul
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: The Code for Sustainable Homes (UK) is the replacement to Building Research
Establishment’s (BRE) EcoHomes rating tool that is designed to measure the sustainability of homes
against a broad set of design categories. Conceptually, the nine categories of the Code are universal in
nature and could be utilised to rate the sustainability of homes anywhere around the world.
Furthermore, the same categories could be used as basis for creating new sustainable home rating
tools for other countries, especially developing countries where locally developed schemes are
unavailable or under development. In doing so, it is important to test the applicability and validity of
each issue against each country’s unique contexts, which are inherently different from the climatic,
environmental, regulatory, and social-economic conditions of United Kingdom. Hence, this paper
reports the findings of a test that was done by rating, against all issues in the Code, three existing
‘green’ homes in Malaysia – namely CETDEM’s Demonstration, Cool and Energy Efficient House in
Petaling Jaya; a private bungalow in Semenyih; and a private corner-lot terrace house in Ulu Klang. All
reported findings are based on the difficulties and hurdles caused by incompatibilities between certain
issues and the Malaysian context and other regulatory discrepancies.


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