“Quality of Life” Audits

  • YEAR
    Moore, Richard
    2006 Conference Papers
    Human Issues


ABSTRACT: Developing a guide for promoting social capital during precinct development has the
potential to be influential in the debate regarding the “Quality of Life” on medium to large mixed use
schemes that have residential tenure as a major element of provision. The drive to create planning and
design guidelines and toolkits is in response to the proposition that the potential for influencing the
‘Quality of Life” of a community and thus its sustainability via planning and design decisions is
considerable, and one which those involved in development need to recognise.

Several major developers and their advisors have suggested that they have good track records in the
planning, designing and building of new sustainable communities. However to date there has been
little rigorous measurement of this claimed success. To address this, it is proposed that “Quality of Life”
Audits be undertaken amongst residents and other stakeholders (e.g. state, city and local council’s
commercial employers, retail providers, community officers, etc.) who live and work on medium to
large precinct developments. The resulting measures will it is believed provide “Quality of Life”
indicators to be used on this growing development form.


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