Public transport and pedestrian access, the impact of suburban planning on adolescence.

  • YEAR
    Lambert, Jeanette
    Rollo, John
    2006 Conference Papers
    Human Issues


ABSTRACT: The following paper discusses the impact of suburban life for adolescents in relation to
public transport and pedestrian access. The research compares the morphology and level of
connectivity of two planning models, cul-de-sac and regular grid, with respect to two suburbs which
share a similar socio-economic profile, Rowville and Caulfield. These are subsequently evaluated in
terms of ABS statistics, in particular year 12 or equivalent levels of education, and transport statistics.
The results of the investigation are discussed in reference to the four key tasks of adolescence (Carr-
Greg & Shale 2002)┬╣, in order to establish the degree to which morphology and access levels of
suburbs impact on adolescent development.

┬╣Carr-Gregg, M. & Shale, E. (2002) Adolescence. A Guide for Parents, Finch Publishing, Sydney.


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