Profiling and characterisation of key weather variables and their implication on building design

  • YEAR
    Guan, Lisa
    2007 Conference Papers
    Effective environments: thermal, luminous, sonic, haptic, hygienic


Abstract: Local climate is a critical element in the design of buildings. In this paper, ten years of
historical weather data in Australia’s all eight capital cities are analyzed to characterize the variation
profiles of climatic variables. The method of descriptive statistics is employed. Either the pattern of
cumulative distribution and/or the profile of percentage distribution are used to graphically illustrate
the similarity and difference between different study locations. It is found that although the weather
variables vary with different locations, except for the extreme parts, there is often a good, nearly
linear relation between weather variable and its cumulative percentage for the majority of middle
part. The implication of these extreme parts and the slopes of the middle parts on building design is
also discussed.


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