Preliminary Tools Assisting Collected Building Performance Measurements

  • YEAR
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Horan, Peter
    2011 Conference Papers
    Computer Science


ABSTRACT: Investigating on-site building performance in architectural science is increasing.
However, the simplest forms of measurement often lack any analytical support other than presentation
on a time-series plot.

Here, we present instrumentation and analytical tools to assist in reporting building performance. The
intention is to explore formats for observing performance of buildings based on collected data.
Sometimes data are presented directly, but more often, information is revealed by calculation.

We introduce examples of tools pertaining to interior-exterior climatic comparisons, occupant comfort
and thermal performance, such as weather data plotted against a neutral temperature so that adaptive
model comfort tolerances can be illustrated. We plot the interior and exterior air condition on the
ASHRAE psychrometric chart to understand conditioning requirements

Other tools calculate the ISO 7730 (Fanger) comfort model, and an adaptive model of comfort is
provided for the interior measurements alongside an 80 – 90% comfort band.

These tools add value to reporting data by displaying in several formats, so the researcher can
observe and report quickly and clearly on the potential of various conditioning periods within a building.
A case study is presented for a house in Darwin during the wet-season.


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