Prefabrication: New Zealand’s golden ticket?

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    Mirus, Annaliese Carolina
    Patel, Yusef
    McPherson, Peter
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Architecture, Design and Environment
    Conference Papers


The construction industry within New Zealand is currently experiencing a boom and is the largest sector of the country’s infrastructure. Although substantial, the industry continues to suffer from inflated costs, low-productivity and lack of innovation. Sparsely developed methods from the beginnings of construction in New Zealand are still practiced today, attributing to low-productivity and the current ‘housing crisis’. With recent government schemes that aim to provide 100,000 homes in a decade, the demand for innovation and efficiency in the industry is under pressure and prefabrication is suggested to help evolve the industry for the demand. Through a literature analysis, this paper will investigate a brief history of prefabrication on an international and national scale. Other industry models will also be analysed, including Sweden and Japan, providing insights to the questions concerning New Zealand. The analysis informs the conclusion that prefabrication is unable to instantly infiltrate the New Zealand construction industry. Additionally, implementation of this alternative method will require the servicing of other areas, including the supply chain and skilled labour.


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