Post-Pandemic Study Spaces: Post Occupancy Evaluation of BREEAM Excellence Rated University Building

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    Duran, Ozlem
    Zhao, Jing
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This paper presents preliminary findings from a Post Occupancy Evaluation research of a BREEAM excellence-rated university building, to understand the experience of the students using university study spaces under a post-pandemic teaching and learning context. The research uses a combined qualitative and quantitative method and focuses on occupancy patterns, thermal comfort, air quality, noise and lighting level of the study spaces within the building, as well as the students’ preferences and experiences of the study spaces. The research collected over 200 questionnaire survey data from students who use the study areas, as well as monitored environmental data and observation data over 5 working days prior to the exam period. The study also compares the field research with the predicted performance simulation model data made before the pandemic, to understand the difference the pandemic has made to the designed usage and environmental comfort of the building. The result suggests that the post-pandemic occupancy level is significantly different from the pre-pandemic design assumptions and environmental control strategies need to be re-evaluated to provide optimum thermal comfort. Furthermore, the result raises questions in relation to overheating predictions in the performance simulation model, suggesting a need to re-evaluate overheating calculation criteria in educational buildings.

Keywords: University buildings, Post-occupancy evaluation, thermal comfort, occupant behaviour.


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