“Plug and play” modular façade construction system for building renovation to achieve nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB)

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    Torres, Mr. Jorge
    Garay-Martinez, Roberto
    Torrens-Galdiz, Mr. J. Ignacio
    Uriarte, Ms. Amaia
    Pracucci, Mr. Alessandro
    Casadei, Mr. Oscar
    Magnani, Mrs. Sara
    Arroyo, Ms. Noemi
    Cea, Mr. Angel M.
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction, Building Materials & Integrated Technology


Following energy performance improvement policies, there is a need for the massive renovation of the European building stock. The prevalence of multi-rise buildings with concrete structure and poor thermal performance offers a significant opportunity for renovation packages that facilitate the improvement of the building fabric, with its insulation, air-tightness and integration of building services and solar technologies. The RenoZEB project develops a “plug and play” modular facade construction system answering to this need. This prefabricated plug and play modular system has been tested by reproducing the holistic methodology and new technologies in the market by means of real and virtual demonstrators. The applicability and effectiveness of the methodology has been tested by means of a full- scale mock-up system has been constructed and installed in the KUBIK by Tecnalia test facility. The design, construction, manufacture & installation cycle has been tested. Its applicability for a real construction project for a multi-rise residential building in Spain is presented.

Keywords: Building Retrofit; Energy performance; Industrialized Construction. Building envelope, H2020,


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