Performance of a passive solar design building

  • YEAR
    Kendall, Christopher
    2001 Conference Papers


The aim of this study was to provide a comprehensive analysis of a passive solar design, low energy,
non-residential building in New Zealand.

The evaluation looked at the performance of the Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Science
(MSCS) Building in terms of its energy use and also at its ability to provide a suitable environment for
its occupants. Using established post occupancy evaluation techniques, it was intended that the result
of this research would be a resource that can be used to illustrate the benefits of incorporating lowenergy
design into non-residential buildings, as well as providing a benchmark to which other
buildings may be compared.

The findings of the research determined that the building analysed was a good example of the results
that can be achieved using solar design principles. It was deemed successful due to its low energy
consumption, occupant satisfaction and thermal performance.


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