Performance of a building integrated solar combisystem

  • YEAR
    Anderson, Timothy
    Duke, M.
    Carson, J.K.
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: Solar combisystems providing both water and space heating to buildings are becoming
commonplace in European and North American locations. However, the use of these systems in
Australia and New Zealand is still in its infancy. While significant work has been undertaken to
characterise the performance of these systems in northern hemisphere locations, this does not
necessarily reflect their performance in Australia or New Zealand. This work examines the
performance of solar combisystems utilising TRNSYS and F-chart simulations of an integrated solar
thermal combisystem installed in a single storey detached dwelling under typical Australian and New
Zealand climatic conditions. In doing this, it shows that there is significant scope for increased use of
solar combisystems in the cooler climate regions of Australia and New Zealand.


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