Performance metrics in optimum conditioning for a library

  • YEAR
    Luther, Mark Brandt
    Horan, Peter
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Assessments
    Conference Papers


The architects, construction and consulting companies promised to deliver an environmentally sound library renovation for a secondary school in Melbourne. Specifically, the open spaces were to be conditioned uniformly with minimal background noise. The installation of a newly designed packaged unit, consisting of variable speed drive fans, two differently sized compressors and a special pressurized balance control system aimed to deliver a uniform temperature distribution throughout the space. Construction measures of air leakage sealing, double glazed windows and additional insulation reduced the equipment load substantially. Yet, the evidence of measurement shows that this system could have been half the size. The measurements also show that the uniformity of the air temperature and its IEQ in a relatively new fit-out is achieved. This study serves as an example of post-measurement, the parameters that were assessed, a review of what was promised, and what might be learned in the renovation of other projects.


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