Perceived and prescribed environmental performance of award winning houses

  • YEAR
    Soebarto, Veronica
    Williamson, Terry
    Radford, Antony
    Bennetts, Helen
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architecture and the environment


ABSTRACT: This paper investigates the thermal performance of three RAIA award-winning houses. It
compares the occupants’ assessment of the thermal environment with thermal comfort defined in
ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55-1992. Actual household energy use is compared with AGO figures for
standard houses in that location and the house compliance with the recently introduced energy
efficiency provisions of the Building Code of Australia is also assessed. The study found that all three
houses do not conform to the above Standard and Code. It was predicted that unacceptable amounts
of heating and cooling energy would be required to achieve thermal comfort. Despite this, the actual
energy consumption of these houses was lower than standard houses in the same regions. The
occupants were largely satisfied with the houses’ thermal performance and indicated they had no plans
to modify the building or install air-conditioning or other systems to achieve the prescribed thermal
comfort. This paper poses some ethical questions to be discussed, and proposes a number of


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