Parametric solar shading for sensitive internal environments: a workflow

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    Braasch, Elzine
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Building performance simulation tools provide a unique opportunity to evaluate solar architectural principles during the most influential early stages of the design process. Solar shade devices are typically designed with the intent to reduce solar penetration where possible, improving thermal performance and visual comfort for occupants within the indoor environment. In the case of patient wards, where the presence of direct sunlight is seen to contribute to the recovery of the patient, careful consideration is required to optimise a building’s façade such that appropriate natural light is provided but not at the expense of high cooling demand and energy consumption. This study examines the use of parametric modelling as a data-driven design approach to providing façade solutions that balance sunlight entry with optimal thermal and visual comfort for new hospital buildings. A parametric model workflow to design external shades in conjunction with patient ward layouts and overall design methodology is developed. The approach demonstrates the applicability of data-driven design for micro-environments which require specific attention to solar design where conflicting priorities exist.

Keywords: Parametric; Solar; Hospital; workflow.


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