Parametric design approach to space syntax methodology for designing a master layout

  • YEAR
    Khameneh, Azad Hadji
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Generative, Parametric and Evolutionary Architecture


This paper investigates the potential of using parametric software to analyse the attributes of spaces using Space Syntax methodology and implementing the outcomes in an urban design project. This research aims to reveal the attributes of spaces in a proposed site for a new town centre and an aquatic centre development in the town of Rosebud, Victoria utilising Space Syntax methodology. The study specifically focuses on finding the most walkable and visible areas in the existing project site or in the initial design sketches. To locate these areas, this exploration uses the Isovist-field test for visibility and the axial-map test for permeability. Whilst the application of Space Syntax to the case study site provides a vehicle for the research, a key aim of this project is to test the performance of the available software and identify its strengths and weaknesses. The final aim of this study are: revealing the areas with maximum views and vistas and identifying obstacles for views and The axial analysis for permeability can reveal the underutilised spaces in the early stages of design an urban master layout.


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