Outdoor Wind Environment Study of High‐rise Residential Buildings in Urban Areas: A Literature Review

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    He, Yi
    Schnabel, Marc Aurel
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


As wind environment is one of the key elements in the sustainable and environmental design,
there is a need to study local wind environments of modern cities. In urban areas, especially when the
density of city is increasing, the influence from buildings to wind environment is becoming higher and
higher. This paper presents a literature review for outdoor wind environment study of high‐rise residential
buildings in urban areas. First, the previous wind environment research is reviewed. It not only helps to
understand the fundamentals of interaction of how wind flows around objects such as buildings on the
earth’s surface, but also present the gap between the formal study and the nowadays contemporary
residential buildings in urban areas. Second, as there are two methods of wind tunnel and computational
fluid dynamics (CFD) for simulating the wind environment, this paper focuses in summarizing the existing
CFD tools and setting up the fundamentals for developing future workflow. Third, the evaluation criteria
of wind environment from different standards is compared. In the end, a possible framework to evaluate
wind environment is discussed. The literature review is intended to highlight the limitations of previous
research of novel high‐rise residential buildings and current adaptation analysis methods. In particular,
for the hot‐summer and cold‐winter climate, and with the development of architecture, novel forms and
arrangements of residential buildings have been developed, wind environment design strategy response
to this kind of climate and forms is insufficient. The review helps to set up the fundamentals for our
following research to explore the optimization of outdoor wind environment of residential buildings in
urban areas by establishing early‐stage design principles.


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