OPTIMIZING THE BUILDING ENVELOPE: For energy efficiency and thermal comfort in the tropic climate of Dhaka

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    Rahman, Anisur
    Herman, Matthew
    Krawczyk, Robert J.
    2013 Conference Papers
    Not Presented Papers


As experiencing fast ongoing modernization in Dhaka, local architects and designers are continuously experimenting with building envelopes without pointing out the outdoor and indoor climate relationship and hence energy issues are always left unanswered. In such a context, integration of the traditional envelope elements, materials and construction (based on their thermal performance) is important and, understanding of the thermal comfort requirement in the local climatic condition and its interaction with building energy consumption may address the issue significantly. This paper is presenting a proposed workflow of an on-going study to demonstrate how adaptive comfort, natural ventilation and envelope optimization can be incorporated to develop an energy efficient guideline. This study uses the adaptive comfort models in building energy simulation program to determine its potentiality for reducing energy use in mixed-mode building and encouraging passive strategies (natural ventilation) to ensure a comfortable indoor environment in local climatic context. For envelope optimization, the proposed method is to synthesize the thermal design by combining an optimization method and a thermal analysis technique for buildings that would determine the optimum solution.



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