Optimising New Zealand construction consolidation centres: Defining a research framework

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    Dhawan, Kamal
    Tookey, John E.
    GhaffarianHoseini, Ali
    GhaffarianHoseini, Amirhosein
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Thinking and Innovation


Urban Consolidation Centres (UCCs) have delivered transferrable sustainability benefits in the urban freight logistics domain. Construction logistics have a high transport component, which has acknowledged social and environmental externalities, in addition to cost implications. The low cost – high volume nature of construction materials points to substantial logistics optimisation possibilities. The UCC transforms into a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC) in this context. CCCs in Europe and Continental USA have delivered sterling results towards optimising construction logistics. The idea has got impetus in New Zealand as a result of the proposed establishment of a CCC as a logistics solution for a long-term water infrastructure delivery contract in Auckland. It agrees with the Government and industry push for fundamental improvement in the New Zealand construction sector and aligns well with the Construction Sector Accord (2019) and Construction Sector Transformation Plan (2020). Against the backdrop of urban sprawl exemplified in Auckland, this creates a unique contextual research opportunity that can substantially enhance the construction logistics knowledge corpus in New Zealand. This paper attempts to define a research framework for investigating the outcomes of CCC based operations within a collaborative project delivery arrangement as an infrastructure logistics delivery vehicle in New Zealand.

Keywords: Construction Consolidation Centre; Research Framework; Logistics; New Zealand Construction.


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