Online Self-and-peer-assessment for Teamwork in Architecture and Business Communications

  • YEAR
    Tucker, Richard
    Fermelis, Jan
    Palmer, Stuart
    2007 Conference Papers
    Group Learning
    Online Self and Peer Assessment


ABSTRACT: There is considerable evidence of general student scepticism regarding the purpose of team
assignments and high levels of concern for the fairness of assessment procedures when all members of a
team receive the same grade. Some educators are similarly anxious about not only the validity of team
grades, but also the need to assess ongoing team processes in addition to the final assignment product.

This paper offers self-and-peer-assessment (SAPA) as a fair, valid and reliable method of producing
information about ongoing team processes. The paper examines a pilot study investigating an online
SAPA tool originally developed for a small class of architecture students. This tool is adapted for use for by
students completing team assignment in two further architecture design units and for a very large class of
800 business communication students. The sample students studied on four campuses, as well as in offcampus
and offshore modes. The paper focuses on the initial stages of the study to demonstrate how
researchers from very different backgrounds collaborated to adapt the online tool and implement a pilot
study whilst maintaining both comparability of assessment and integrity of research design.


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