Neurological feedback from perception of architecture in virtual reality: a methodology study

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    Hermund, Anders
    Klint, Lars
    Bundgaard, Ture Slot
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital architecture


The paper will present the findings from a pilot study and a larger study that uses a virtual
reality feedback collection methodology with building information modelling. In the pilot study, the
methodology includes a neurological headset. All test subjects were fitted with Oculus Rift Head
Mounted Display and, in the pilot study the Emotiv Insight EEG headset. In both studies, the test
subjects took a virtual tour through a 3D model. The pilot study allows us to evaluate the methodology,
frame and content in order to undertake the larger study using a more precise selection of measuring
devices. The matching of the test subjects’ location in the model, field of view, the task, and the
neurological activity, shows a possibility to link an architectural experience to specific emotional
responses on the level of the individual test person. The pilot study showed us also that a comparison
between the test subjects was difficult, and hence the larger study made us change the setup towards
the elements that could yield the most qualifying feedback. The larger study thus focuses on the
location and the field of view of the test subjects, in combination with a subsequent question matrix.

Keywords: representation, virtual reality, neurology, perception.


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