Negotiation of identities in the emergent cosmopolitan Indian landscape – analyses of the designs of new luxury high-rise apartments in neo-liberal India

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    Patel, Dhara, R.
    2015 Conference Papers
    Architecture and Social Research
    Conference Papers


Luxury condominiums are among the most significant outcomes of globalisation in the built environment, post economic liberalisation in India. New high-rise condominiums evoke a new generation of urban elite aspiring to new modes of consumption, bringing into focus the complexities of projected identities in this new architecture. They redefine the norms of elite associations and aspirations and obligations in transnational and transcultural terms. The salience of these models as expressions of social mobility denote the critical role played by this new housing type in relation to the socio-cultural transformations advanced by the emergent Indian cosmopolitan landscape. A project of luxury condominium in the global node of Mumbai is investigated exploring its role in staging the social patterns and in projecting identities. The investigation attempts to understand patterns of post occupation inhabitation by using spatial analysis in addition to the initial study of user aspirations and interpretations associated with luxury condominiums through interviews and participant observation.
Space syntax is employed and explored as a tool to further investigate the new typology. The spatial
analysis, interviews and participant observation suggested a complex array of identity issues under
negotiation in the Indian cosmopolitan landscape.


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