Multi-objective optimization objectives for building envelopes: a review study

  • YEAR
    Hegazy, Muhammad
    Yasufuku, Kensuke
    Abe, Hirokazu
    2020 Conference Papers
    Acoustics, Daylighting/Lighting, Natural Ventilation, Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
    Conference Papers


This study organizes a systematic review of sixty studies on multi objective optimization related to buildings envelopes. The main objective of this paper is to investigate the most adopted building types, locations, and objectives presented in the literature. The study found that office buildings were the most represented in building optimization studies, while a majority of building locations were in Europe. The optimization objectives could be categorized into five types; visual comfort, energy consumption, thermal comfort, cost, and emissions. Energy related objectives were found to be predominant in building optimization studies, specifically cooling energy, followed by visual comfort objectives represented in a number of daylight metrics. This study can aid the designers and building scientists in pinpointing reliable objectives for optimizing their respective envelope designs.

Keywords: Genetic algorithm; fa├žade; building envelope; multi-objective optimization.


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