Moisture Production and Extraction in New Zealand Homes

  • YEAR
    Bisht, Priyanka
    Ganda, Sanjeev
    Marriage, Guy
    McNeil, Stephen
    Overton, Greg
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


The effect of moisture in New Zealand homes is a topic which has been studied intensely, yet
problems still arise from excess moisture. The effects that moisture can have in homes is well
documented; however very few studies exists on sources of moisture created by occupants. Typically,
studies have focused on removing moisture after its production, rather than focusing on its source. This
paper examines both the moisture produced in bathrooms in New Zealand homes and the effectiveness
of extraction fans found in these bathrooms. A literature review was conducted on the amount of
moisture produced in bathrooms and the common factors that make extraction fans ineffective. From
this, a survey was conducted and experiments performed to measure the amount of moisture produced
in a typical New Zealand home and the effectiveness of commercially available fan and duct systems. The
main findings from this study were that commercially available ventilation systems for removing moisture
from homes are performing well below the requirements of the New Zealand building code.


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