• YEAR
    Lo, Tian Tian
    Schnabel, Marc Aurel
    Aydin, Serdar
    Shi, Kaixia
    2014 Conference Papers
    Interactive Environments & Collaboration


“ModRule” is a platform that facilitates easy collaboration between architects and end-users in the design process of mass-housing buildings. Hereby, architects set the overall framework and parameters of the building, while future occupants set their design-targets and budgets to arrive at a solution that satisfies both architec-tural and occupants’ needs and desires. Akin to games, rule-based de-sign requires a specific logic and order that has to be followed to achieve the design outcome. Our research employs gamification tech-niques in the design process to aid designers and users to engage in a rule-based and logic design process to achieve a meaningful solution. We report on the outcomes of a design process with an architect and a group of end-users. The paper concludes with a discussion of how col-laborative mass-housing design processes can contribute to both in-clusive design and bespoke living through the advantages that partici-patory design and buildings bring to architecture and society.


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