Modeling based-on semi-tensor product for the start-up stage of the radiant cooling system

  • YEAR
    Qin, Fenghua
    Wang, Chongjie
    Lv, Hongli
    Liu, Chunlu
    Zhao, Shengqiong
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Assessments
    Conference Papers


For nonlinear systems with multiple outputs and multiple inputs which cannot be decoupled, we make use of the sampling data of the real system to obtain a fuzzy relation matrix model via the semi-tensor product (STP) operation of matrices, and establish the mathematical model for a complicated system based on STP. This method has been applied to analyze the dynamic performance of floor for the radiant floor system. In this paper, a radiant floor cooling system based on concrete core radiant floors is examined. To analyze dynamic behaviour of floors during non working time operation, model of fuzzy relation matrix based on STP is established. The model is used to estimate quantitatively related parameters in the start-up period of the floor systems under the impact of outdoor environment such as temperature and humidity during the actual cool-down times. The results show that it is not evident to time delay of the floor surface temperature and indoor air temperature due to the thermal inertia while the amplitude of outdoor air temperature vibration is reduced significantly.


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