Micro-Climate oriented Building Design

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    Prabhu, Sachin
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Guidelines for sustainable built environment


India is a country where we see a lot of architectural versatility from Vedic Period, Rock-cut
Architecture, Blends of different foreign architecture with various Indian regional architecture,
Vernacular Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, Green Architecture, etc. The Vernacular
Architecture in India meaning variety of aspects of climate, materials, local craftsmen and utmost
comfort. In true sense these designs are energy efficient. But in Modern Architecture majority of time
buildings are designed based on passive, mechanical systems to consume more energy. But in
comparative analysis they prove how they are energy efficient. But if these buildings are designed by
understanding proper sun-path, climate and wind directions; these buildings can be more energy
efficient than the former one. This paper is showcasing the different possibilities for building zonings,
orientations, and fragmentation of the building foot-print to get more responsive design with respect to
climate, sun-path and wind flows along with proper landscape to divert wind flows. If at schematic levels
buildings are designed with these strategies energy consumption after building completion is reduced.

Keywords: Sustainability, sun-path, wind-flow, building orientation


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