Metaphor as a conceptual tool in design

  • YEAR
    Neo, Kent K W
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: Metaphor is not merely word play or ornaments for daily speech. It allows abstract
concepts to be understood by comparing them with familiar ideas and objects. While metaphor usage
continues to be relevant in architecture, a review of its developments in cognitive linguistics could
provide an alternative interpretation of metaphoric processes in design. In particular, this investigation
aims to explore the possible application of cross-domain mapping based on Lakoff’s Conceptual
Metaphor Theory in design. By integrating Antoniades’ metaphor theory in architecture with crossdomain
mapping, a hybrid approach of comparative cross-domain mapping was devised. The final
evaluation of comparative cross-domain mapping based on analyses and experiments suggest that
cognitive clarity of the proposed hybrid approach holds opportunities as a conceptual tool in analysing
abstract concepts and in the generation of parametric designs.


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