Mathematical Analysis and Grammatical Generation of Design Instances of Murcutt’s Domestic Architecture

  • YEAR
    Lee, Ju Hyun
    Gu, Ning
    Ostwald, Michael
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Building Design
    Conference Papers


This paper presents a mathematical approach to analysing and generating design instances within a specific language of architectural design. The research develops a Shape Grammar allowing for the analysis of ten domestic designs by Glenn Murcutt and their generation. The Shape Grammar, which consists of eleven rule sets, starts by generating pavilions and ends with a termination rule. After describing the Shape Grammar the paper uses mathematics to directly measure and compare the rules, introducing the use of a Normalised Distance Graph (NDS), to capture the transition sequences of their application through rule transition paths. The results of this paper suggest that this approach can be used to clearly characterise design instances as well as to effectively create new designs in an architectural style. The mathematical approach is widely applicable to other grammatical studies in the architectural and design domains.


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