Mapping a classification system to architectural education: investigating the relevance of classification systems in creative education

  • YEAR
    Hermund, Anders
    Klint, Lars
    Rostrup, Nicolai
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Education and Design Research


This paper examines to what extent a new classification system, Cuneco Classification System, CCS, proves useful in the education of architects, and to what degree the aim of an architectural education, rather based on an arts and crafts approach than a polytechnic approach, benefits from the distinct terminology of the classification system. The method used to examine the relationship between education, practice and the CCS bifurcates in a quantitative and a qualitative exploration: Quantitative comparison of the curriculum with the students’ own descriptions of their studies through a questionnaire survey among 88 students in graduate school. Qualitative interviews with a handful of practicing architects, to be able to cross check the relevance of the education with the profession. The examination indicates the need of a new definition, in addition to the CCS’s scale, covering the earliest phases of architectural work. This paper will suggest a possible approach to these revisions of the CCS.


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