Managing building project information using a project website

  • YEAR
    Prescott, Dylan
    Donn, Michael
    2001 Conference Papers


This research report considers how managing building project information using a project website
can affect the efficiency of project communication. There is published evidence that concludes
there are benefits derived from using project websites, which include improved communication,
improved document management and improved accountability. To test whether these benefits
are applicable to New Zealand practice, a project website was implemented for a completed
project. This was done by using a project website provider, selected after evaluating several
different services.

The project website was demonstrated to the participants of the original project, who were then
asked to evaluate how useful the website would be in practice. The participants concluded that
the website could provide benefits by improving file distribution and speeding up drawing review.
The ability of the website to track documents and function as an online database was not seen as
adding any value. They also concluded that the architect would most likely be responsible for
managing the website.


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