Low-tech Geometry-based Node Design for Spatial Structures

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    Motaghi, Esmaeil
    Beigi, Arman Khalil
    Ghazvinian, Ali
    Salimzadeh, Sina
    Azari, Katayoun Taghizadeh
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Thinking and Innovation


Reducing the cost and time of construction is aimed at many recent pieces of research. Many construction costs are allocated to nodes in conventional spatial trusses and frames comprised of nodes and bars. Also, these parts have time-consuming manufacturing processes. Even simple mero-type spherical joints require complicated 5- or 6-axis CNC milling machines for fabrication. Thus, this is of great significance to inquire about computational geometry and digital fabrication solutions to address these challenges. The proposed solution discussed in this paper uses geometrical computations to design a node with three significant advantages; First, manufacturing with ordinary 3-axis CNC machinery; thus, decreasing the costs and time of fabrication. The node system is then fully compatible with gradient forms of lattices, from simple to complex, such as multi-layer structures with arbitrary node vacancies. Lastly, since the whole system is based on 2D flat members and components, it is adaptable with panels or claddings that mount on the members. Fabricated prototype to show the proof of concept has been designed and built, and its fabrication challenges are discussed.

Keywords: Computational Design, Fabrication, Node, Low-tech.


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