Looking Back To A Job Well Done? Measuring Success in the Integration of Teaching and Learning across Multiple Modes of Delivery

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    Mackintosh, Lara
    Beard, Natalie
    Macedo, Joseli
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice, Education & Profession


Thirty years ago, in 2017 we embraced a strategy to integrate all modes of teaching delivery in
the School of Built Environment at Curtin University. We knew there would be significant challenges to
teaching and learning practices. Back then, face‐to‐face and online teaching were considered discrete and
separate practices; however, this was not reflected in the learning experience of students, predominantly
the original digital natives, for whom new technologies had become a necessary part of their lives. The
purpose behind integrating learning modes, in addition to embracing improved digital technologies, was
to improve the teaching and learning experiences by recognising successes in both face‐to‐face and online
practices, and adapting to suit all modes. All stakeholders had to participate, engage and commit to
adapting teaching and learning practices to the new digital environments. This paper addresses what was
a complex problem from the point of view of the different stakeholders— institutions, staff and students.
The similarities and gaps in the support provided are discussed with the aim to identify alternative ways
of supporting success in teaching and learning. This paper discusses the support offered in transitioning
into the digital age and implementing an integrated strategy of delivery. In 2017 when this project was
initiated, it had already become clear that the stage was set for further research on this topic. Since 2017
the work discussed in this paper was used to build the limited data available to develop tools that could
be employed to measure the success of this strategy.


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