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    Mackintosh, Lara
    2014 Conference Papers
    Interactive Environments & Collaboration


Transformative learning experiences have the capacity to shape the values that influence our everyday behaviour. Behaviour which has an impact on the lives of others, now and in the future. As over half of the global population are now urbanised, there is a need to focus on the built environment in order to understand this nature of this impact of behaviour. This paper is part of a larger research project investigating how architectural learning experiences can engender sus-tainable behaviour and life styles. Learning occurs within a complex and dynamic system in which interactions take place between actors in multiple contexts, identified here as social, natural, built and educa-tional. Both occupiers and designers of environments interact using multiple languages which causes subsequent interaction and changes within this system of learning. As the system is dynamic, it is difficult to anticipate the exact nature of future outcomes, either positive or negative, as a result of learning experiences. However, in recognising that change is inevitable, understanding complex learning systems is seen as a means of supporting transformative experiences in architec-tural education, practice and the everyday. This research is contrib-uting to the development of a framework for lifelong architectural learning.


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