Learning architecture: supporting positive change

  • YEAR
    Mackintosh, Lara
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Education
    Conference Papers


The design of built environments play a significant role in the impact of global sustainable development and the contributions of sustainable design have been informed by research and education programs. However, opportunities to improve the positive impact of global development remain, as lifestyle and use of existing buildings continue to contribute to climate change. This research is part of a larger project that explores how architectural learning can prompt a change in future practice that will support change in lifestyles and behaviours. Developing skills in critical reflection, communication and collaboration encourages change in world view and consequentially change in practice. This paper questions the way in which architectural education is examined and seeks to better understand the complex process of architectural learning. The methods used to examine the physical, social and educational environments enable a broader view of architectural learning to be documented. Tools currently used within architectural practice are developed further in order to document those learning experiences which support skill development and prompt a shift in worldview. This process of examination is presented as a means of better understanding the learning experiences that can support and sustain positive change in architectural practice and future sustainable development.


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