Investigating the digital/analogue/cognitive collision through codified CNC mill watercolour painting

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    Headley, Dustin
    Bussiere, Simon
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Education and Design Research


This research explores the convergence of digital tooling and manufacturing with cognitive and metacognitive learning processes, framing pedagogical possibilities through the discourse of metacognition. Currently there is as much uncertainty about environmental futures as there is existential unease regarding automation and the perceived gradual or abrupt loss of human control. In that context however, it can be argued that the process of codifying complex non-linear systems can reveal insight into how the human brain operates and perhaps how society can better cope with uncertainty and other changes we will face, informing how we live and learn and ultimately how a better built environment can be envisioned/manufactured by the relationship we have with machines. This paper discusses a unique codified process of learning through a discussion of metacognition and the exploration of a unique teaching-learning process that involves programming a CNC Mill to paint effectively with watercolours. In illuminating the nuances of the trial and error process of cybernetic pedagogy, this focused case study ultimately proposes critical questions concerning the impact of technology on teaching and learning in design.


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