Investigating the architecture of architecture education in Uganda: Student perspectives

  • YEAR
    Olweny, Mark
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: For all the discourse on the state of architecture education today, little is written about the
student experience in architecture schools. With increasing emphasis on Service Quality, Learning
Outcomes, and Completion Rates, understanding student motives, and perspectives of professional
education is particularly significant. This paper reports on the findings of a research study that
gathered views of key stakeholders in architecture education, and is part of a broader study examining
architecture education in the context of East Africa and Uganda in particular. The paper presents the
findings of Focus Group Discussions held with students at Part I and Part II levels of the architecture
programme in Uganda. Of interest, were the perceptions of students in relation to their chosen
careers, as well as their experience in the programmes, stemming from anecdotal evidence indicating
that a hidden curriculum in programmes presented a significant challenge for students, at times having
a negative impact on their learning. While not conclusive at this stage, the initial findings suggest that
a lot can be learned from what students reveal about how they relate to their programme of study, and
may be valuable in defining a revised approach to architecture education in East Africa.


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