Interlocking Blocks in Social Construction of Housing: Collaboration of Local Government, NGO and the Urban Poor

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    Malaque III, Isidoro
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice Based & Interdisciplinary Design & Research


With the failure of both public and private sectors in ideal provision of low-income housing, the agencies of NGO and the urban poor are seen contributing important role in shelter provision. In the co-production of housing, this paper sought to explore on the participation of various agencies in the social construction of low-income housing in Los Amigos relocation site, Davao City, Philippines. A survey was conducted covering 33 housing units of the members of a homeowners’ association who are beneficiaries of relocation site by the city government and assistance on housing construction by NGO. In this relocation site with lots provided by the local government, units assisted by NGO were initially provided with core housing models installed with locally produced interlocking compressed earth blocks. Upon occupancy of the urban poor beneficiaries, incremental improvements were made through self-help manner. Inspired from the interlocking compressed earth blocks as the basic building material for core housing units, this paper demonstrates the social construction of an architecture as result of collaboration between various actors in the socio-spatial processes. Most importantly, the empowerment and participation of the people, represented by the urban poor and NGO, as the centre in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Keywords: Urban poor housing; NGO; interlocking blocks; Davao City.


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