Intensive Design Building Studio: A Collaboration with Industry

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    Campbell, Gemma Kate
    Patel, Yusef
    McPherson, Peter
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Design Education and Research
    Conference Papers


The purpose of this paper is to explore a case study project between a timber supplier, industry body and an architecture school. The project, an installation stand, became a test to access how resilient junior architectural students can uptake digital fabrication technologies. The brief was simple, design a product that visitors could touch, create conversation around and showcase materials in an innovative light. The students had no prior experience and found it difficult to understand what the fabrication technology represented but over time they learnt to self-reflect and take on constructive criticism. Laser cut models enabled the students to experiment and reflect on their design decisions, through making. The students discovered that the iterative design process and testing have a direct correlation to the outcome quality. If one step is missed or overlooked – particularly with communication, detailing and planning – the consequence will be added time and frustration. Students successfully obtained the necessary skills surprisingly faster than previous years, the students used conventional design processes alongside modern fabrication skills. The success was that the product produced was received very well and displayed at numerous architectural events. As a result of including industry it creates better relationships that foster innovation and creativity.


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