Intelligent automated adaptive housing and IT concept for a dwelling design practice

  • YEAR
    Bennetts, Darryl
    2004 Conference Papers
    Computers and architecture


ABSTRACT: This paper outlines a new emerging Information technology in domestic Architecture.
The development of the new technologies make it possible within the room and the house to provide
a whole new spectrum of environmental mechanisms and controls which may influence the way that
space may be used and the environment designed generally. This paper briefly places in context a
type of emerging and current information technology avaiable for housing much of which is evolving
within research and in the market place all of which may be defined as intelligent1, automated2 and
adaptive3 by classification and definitions. There is a trend emerging in the use of adaptive and
intelligent interactive systems in housing employing agency and autonomy through certain human to
computer interface paradigms and some results are referenced. Some simple proposals have been
formulated and qualified within the aims and definitions of this paper to provide a context for the
preparation of a design brief for an Intelligent Automated Adaptive Dwelling.


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