Integration and implementation of sustainability in Malaysian architectural education

  • YEAR
    Shari, Zalina
    Jaafar, Mohd Fakri Zaky
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: It is clear that sustainability is gaining acceptance in various domains in the built
environment. Even in architectural education, sustainability is becoming the ‘buzz-word’ nowadays.
However, there is currently no clear evidence of definitive curricula framework accommodating
sustainability in any Malaysian Schools of Architecture. This study was conducted to assess the level of
the integration and implementation of sustainability issues in the curricula of education programs in
schools of architecture. A total of 67 architectural educators from 9 Schools of Architecture were
surveyed. Among issues surveyed were the level of awareness and training background on
sustainability; and sustainability contents in studio projects and related courses. It was found that
sustainability issues were mostly integrated during the upper years of architectural education, namely
the third, fourth and fifth years. Among the barriers perceived in promoting sustainability were the
existing curricula themselves, which are not readily accommodative to sustainability issues and the lack
of understanding among fellow educators. The work concludes with some recommendations of future
strategies of incorporating sustainability contents in Malaysian architectural education.


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